woman stressed during the pandemic

3 Ways Pandemic Stress is Different From Other Types of Stress

If you’ve browsed social media at all in the past few months, you’ve almost certainly seen several people joking and posting memes about how 2020 has been the worst year. While the jokes make people laugh, they also speak to something many people are experiencing this year: chronic stress at emergency levels. As a country, we’re dealing with several major crises at once, including…

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Managing Anxiety About Coronavirus

Managing Anxiety About Coronavirus Everywhere you turn today someone is talking about one thing and one thing only— COVID-19. This “novel” coronavirus is an especially hot topic in Massachusetts as numbers of cases continue to rise. All of this conversation around such an anxiety-inducing topic can really trigger feelings of anxiousness, confusion, or even alarm. If you have concerns about your health and coronavirus,…

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Misconceptions About Stress & Mental Health

Misconceptions About Stress & Mental Health Life gets hectic and sometimes it’s hard to find the line between stress being “normal” and stress interfering with our functioning. Everyone gets angry and sad, but how intense are these emotions for you and how often do they happen? Do your emotions interfere with your ability to function in your day to day life? Your body’s reaction…

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How Do You Know When Your Level of Stress May Require Professional Intervention?

How Do You Know When Your Level of Stress May Require Professional Intervention? There is a ubiquitous quality to stress.  A 2017 Gallup Poll completed with American participants regarding stress, found that approximately eighty percent of people surveyed endorsed feeling daily stress either frequently (44%) or periodically (35%).  Another 17% of responders endorsed feeling stressed rarely, and 4% surveyed indicated not currently experiencing daily…

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