Rebecca Tubbs, Psy.D.
Pediatric Neuropsychologist


Medically and/or psychiatrically complex presentations, learning disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, and genetic disorders.


Pediatric neuropsychological evaluations, school observations, consultation to families/mental health providers/physicians, and longitudinal consultation regarding academic programming and treatment planning.

Insurance Networks

Dr. Tubbs is a participating provider in the Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan network.  For all other networks, payment is expected at the time of service.  Some networks may provide partial coverage for her services on an out of network basis.

Coverage for neuropsychological evaluations can vary substantially by case and by health plan.  While initial consultations are generally covered by health plans, costs  for the evaluation can only be determined after initial consultation and are based on the medical policy of the health plans, pre-authorization requirements, and the specific details of the case.  Detailed cost information will be provided at that time.

Insurance Networks and School Districts

For many neuropsychological evaluations, the evaluation may be done in part for educational purposes, and in these cases, portions of the evaluation are not covered by any health plan for any provider. The portion of an evaluation that is uncovered by a health plan will be the responsibility of the patient or their parent.

Although we do not accept the Massachusetts Rate Setting Commission rates, many school districts hire our neuropsychologists to provide evaluations for them or approve payment at our rates for independent evaluations.


Dr. Tubbs is available in our Lexington office.

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