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emotional longevity Emotional Longevity: What Really Determines
How Long We Live

by Norman
B. Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson (Contributor)

Click here to get more information or buy at Amazon.comAnderson, CEO of the American
Psychological Association, believes in a new approach to health as a
way to understand longevity. Instead of the traditional view of
physical health, Anderson says the interaction of six “well-being”
factors-biological, psychological, behavioral, economic,
religious/spiritual and emotional-can explain the differences in
longevity. He argues that there must be a scientific explanation for
why some people recover from serious illness such as a heart attack
while other patients remain disabled. According to Anderson, this
multifaceted approach goes beyond the increasing acceptance of
nontraditional medicine; it is an entirely new way to approach life,
with specific medical support. Anderson’s background as associate
director of the National Institutes of Health for Behavioral and
Social Sciences Research lends authority to the research support,
and the work is more inclusive than many other popular psychology
books on changing and improving one’s life.

  Overcoming Binge Eating Overcoming Binge Eating

by Christopher Fairburn

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 Changing for Good Changing for Good

by James O. Prochaska (Author), John Norcross (Author), Carlo DiClemente

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Changing for Good distinguishes itself from the many other
self-help materials available by espousing a sound therapeutic
approach based on the authors’ years of professional work with
people in all sorts of damaging behavioral patterns, including
smoking, overeating, alcohol abuse, and toxic relationships. The six
steps to change, the social processes one must understand while
changing, and the criteria used to measure success will prove useful
to all self-helpers.