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Being a good mental/behavioral health “professional” does not equate with running a good health care “business.” We expect our clients to understand their weaknesses and have the courage to address them, even if it means hiring a professional with more insight and experience. However, many health care professionals do not do the same when it comes to running their own business. Many think they cannot afford consultation. However, this type of thinking is often self-defeating and prevents optimal income from a mental/behavioral health practice.

Michael Goldberg, Ph.D. was elected as a member of the National Association of Healthcare Consultants. He is the founder, president and director of Child & Family Psychological Services, PLLC. Founded in 1994, CFPS, Inc. has become the leading private provider of pediatric, adult and geriatric mental and behavioral health services in eastern Massachusetts. Besides providing excellent clinical services, CFPS has become a model for successful business development in the very problematic health care climate. CFPS currently owns its own office suites, has offices within primary care practices, has a consistent rate of collections that is approximately 99%, and has a staff that enjoys being part of the practice.

Dr. Goldberg has been the leading force in the Integration of behavioral health with primary care and speciality care medical practices in the private healthcare world. CFPS is the preferred behavioral provider for South Shore Medical Center and Granite Medical Group, both sub-groups of the Atrius healthcare system. Likewise, CFPS provides co-located services in other primary care and neurology practices.

Dr. Goldberg also serves or served on the clinical advisory committees for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Harvard Pilgrim/United Behavioral Health. He has actively worked with members of the U.S. Congress, state legislatures, members of the judiciary, various regulatory agencies, licensing boards, municipal governments around the world, health plans, and professional associations to insure that the ability of science and practice of behavioral health to effectuate positive change is protected and most effective.

Dr. Goldberg has presented invited workshops on mental health practice models, marketing and other practice development topics and consults to other colleagues and practices around the country. Dr. Goldberg believes that every client he has ever consulted for has been pleased with their ROI (Return on Investment) for his services.

Dr. Goldberg is a Past-President and Fellow of the Massachusetts Psychological Association (MPA).  He has been honored by the APA’s Society of Clinical Psychology for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to the field and as a 2013 APA Karl F. Heiser Award winner for contributions to advocacy efforts for psychology.  Dr. Goldberg has also been given two Presidential Citations from the Massachusetts Psychological Association for his advocacy efforts on behalf of the field and those we serve.

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Dr. Goldberg is available to consult on many aspects of practice development and management including:

  • Practice Creation and Development
  • Business Planning
  • Profit Maximization
  • Office Policies
  • Clinical & Support Staff Labor Issues
  • Physical Plant Issues
  • Clinical Program Development
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Cost-effective Marketing
  • Coding, Billing & Collections
  • Office Automation and Systems
    Web-based Intakes
    Automated Patient Reminder Calling
  • Website Development
  • Exit Strategy Planning (e.g. retirement, disability & death)
  • Integration with Primary and Speciality Medical Care Practices.

Consultation can be provided in several ways. A comprehensive practice analysis can be provided in a process similar to a good psychological evaluation. Typically, Dr. Goldberg speaks with the practice principle(s) on the phone to identify consultation goals. Then he will come to the office and meet with the relevant parties to collect the data. He will return to his office and integrate the data into a written consultation report. Dr. Goldberg then meets with the principle(s) to explain and discuss his recommendations. Based on the initial discussion and goals set, Dr. Goldberg estimates the time needed to complete the consultation and a flat fee is set for these initial services. Less comprehensive initial consultation is available. Additional consultation is provided for a minimal monthly retainer and on an hourly basis. If you would like to speak with Dr. Goldberg about his consultation services please contact him at 781-551-0999, x208.

Dr. Goldberg is not a lawyer or accountant. His consultation services do not represent legal or accounting advice. Consultation with an attorney and/or accountant is always recommended before making changes with legal and tax implications.

Dr. Goldberg is a member of the National Association of Health Care Consultants. He is available to provide consultation throughout the United States.

References are available upon request.

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