Career Development & Career Counseling Services

Our practice offers state-of-the art services in career counseling and related work-based interventions delivered by leading experts in counseling and vocational psychology. The Career Development Service within CFPS/IBA offers the following specific services:

  • identifying & implementing career interests and skills
  • career choice and decision making
  • creatively managing unemployment and underemployment
  • coping with work-based stress and occupational health concerns (work-related stress; work-based injuries, etc.)
  • effectively negotiating work-based life transitions
  • career coaching
  • managing mid-life career challenges
  • balancing work & family
  • optimizing work performance
  • understanding and managing cultural diversity in the workplace
  • developing managerial and supervisory skills
  • assisting employees/employers with layoffs and terminations/outplacement
  • fostering positive interpersonal skills in managers and executives

Assessment and counseling specifically for career development services is generally not a medically necessary service and is therefore not covered by most health plans. However, career counseling in the context of the treatment of a diagnosed psychiatric condition may be considered medically necessary and may be covered by a health plan. The cost of assessments is included in the fee for services.

To learn more about the CFPS/IBA career services, please contact Dr. David Blustein, Career Development Specialist.

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