Career Counseling

A Truly Wrap-Around Approach to Outplacement

Focuses on integrating the best in career development services with outstanding job search training and a unique focus on the whole person.

While most outplacement firms offer extensive computer and internet resources, the CFPS approach is based on the reality that workers who are laid off represent a viable risk and would benefit from a focus on enhancing their resilience. The CFPS edge focuses on integrating the best in career development services with outstanding job search training and a unique focus on the whole person. We strive to help our clients manage the loss of a job in a way that enhances their resilience and that ultimately helps to achieve results (such as a new job; less animosity toward the previous employer; a sense of renewal about one’s career)

The problem

  • Laid off workers who leave unhappy with their home organization can end up creating negative public relations
  • Laid off workers who leave unhappy may file legal action against their employers
  • Laid off workers may represent very real mental health challenges to themselves, their families, and communities
  • Laid off workers may end up joining regulatory bodies that can constrain the business options of their employer

The CFPS edge

  • Unlike other outplacement firms, all of our services are provided by licensed psychologists with training in both mental health issues and career development
  • Our services can help laid off workers manage their emotional reactions, thereby allowing them to focus on the challenging task or getting a new job and/or reinventing their careers.
  • We focus on helping clients view the career transition as an opportunity to rewrite the story of the next chapter of their working lives.
  • We use the latest in assessment tools, including traditional assessments and newer narrative tools
  • We help clients to access the extensive (and low-cost) resources that exist in their communities (hence keeping the outplacement costs low)
  • We help clients build on their resilience and inner strengths, while providing state of the art skills in job search skills, interviewing, and negotiation of salaries.

Basic Outplacement Package

Session 1:

Overview of services; review of work history; identification of sources of resilience

Session 2:

Assessment of interests; values; review of job history and work-based transitions

Session 3:

Identification of transferable skills

Session 4:

Integration of interests profile, values assessment, and skills; development of a new career plan

Session 5:

Job search strategies for the 21st century—Networking; internet searches; creating your own position.

Session 6:

Follow-up (2-3 months following session 5)

Total Costs: $1200.00 (including costs of assessments)

Please note: Individually tailored approaches can be designed for given clients. In this case, we would charge by the hour maximizing time in the office by having clients work on projects and assessments in between sessions.

Outplacement services coordinator:

David L. Blustein, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, author of The Psychology of Working

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