Intelligence Testing

Intelligence Testing with Simple IQ Report

This service includes a brief interview with the parents, the administration of a comprehensive test of cognitive functioning (e.g. WISC-IV), test scoring and feedback with a brief report that provides only overall test scores, scale scores, and subtest scores.

This service is useful when scores are only necessary as an admission criterion for an educational or other type of placement or when another professional trained to understand the results requests such testing.

Comprehensive Intelligence Testing with Complete Report

This service provides everything included in Option One above as well as a more comprehensive feedback session and report that explains the results. This evaluation provides more information about the child’s cognitive strengths and weakness and any potential implications for the child’s academic and cognitive development.

Achievement Testing

An achievement test (e.g., WIAT or Woodcock Johnson) can be administered to provide a more comprehensive understanding of what the child has already learned and to identify strengths and weakness in academic achievement. When given with the intelligence testing conclusions can also be made about how the child is achieving based on what would normally be expected for a child with their particular intellectual ability.

Additional Consultation

Parents often request additional consultation from the psychologist regarding the test results, their implications for the child’s learning and development, and academic planning. Such consultation is available when requested.

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