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Psychiatric Evaluation/Medication Consultation

Medication alone is almost never the treatment of choice for most mental health problems. There is a large body of research showing the effectiveness of psychotherapy with most psychiatric conditions. In conditions such as anxiety and mood disorders, for which medication is often effective, psychotherapy is often equally effective and may significantly decrease the likelihood of relapse versus medication alone. However, medication may be a very important piece of the treatment puzzle.

Typically, a patient is seen by a psychologist or other licensed mental health provider and is receiving some form of psychotherapy before being referred for a medication evaluation. Our physicians/nurse practitioner are available to provide evaluation and psychopharmacological treatment when medication is a treatment option being considered. However, our clinicians sometimes require patients to be receiving ongoing psychotherapy with a licensed mental health provider. If the patient is not currently receiving psychotherapy it may be possible to receive such treatment from one of our other clinicians.

Our prescribing clinicians are Drs. Kirk Lum, Mona Huk, and Roger Pottanat, and Maria Rand, a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Dr. Lum primarily sees children and young adults and is available in Norwood and Weymouth (on a limited basis). Dr. Lum only accepts referrals for patients currently receiving regular psychotherapy.

Dr. Pottanat sees children and adults and is available in both Norwood and Weymouth.

Dr. Huk only sees adults (i.e., 18 and older) and is in Norwood only. Dr. Huk only accepts referrals for patients currently receiving regular psychotherapy from one of our in-house clinicians.

Dr. Leanne Rifenburg provides psychiatric assessment and psychopharmacological (medical) treatment for adults and seniors.

Maria R. Rand, RN, PNP, CNS, sees adolescents 16 years and old and adults. She is available in our Weymouth office Monday-Thursday.

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