Psychological Diagnostic Evaluations

Conducted by a doctoral level psychologist for making differential diagnosis of all psychiatric conditions and comprehensive treating planning. May be particularly useful when presentation is complicated or if previous treatment has failed.


May be used to diagnosis ADHD initially. Screens for learning disabilities, which are often present with ADHD, but is not a comprehensive evaluation of learning and learning disabilities. If learning disabilities are suspected a more comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation is recommended.


  • Parent interview
  • Child interview/observation
  • Review relevant records and parent completed questionnaires
  • Collect, score, and interpret developmentally normed psychometric testing that may be completed by parents, child and/or teachers (e.g., Achenbach.)
  • Administer psychological tests as needed to make appropriate differential diagnosis. Tests often include Children’s Depression Inventory, Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale, various ADHD measures, Rorschach Inkblot Technique, projective tests, etc.
  • The psychologist reviews all the data collected and prepares a report. The report includes a diagnostic impression and comprehensive recommendations.
    • Recommendations may include:
      Specific types of psychotherapy
      Home based interventions
      School based interventions
      Further more specialized evaluation
  • The psychologist provides 45-50 minutes of feedback and consultation to the parents. A copy of the report is typically available within one week after the feedback is given. Unless the parents refuse permission, the report is typically sent to the referring clinician. Additional consultation may be requested if necessary.

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