School Consultation

Child & Family Psychological Services staff are available to educational and other institutions or groups for consultation, parent programs, and in-service training in areas of our expertise. Below is list of areas of expertise/topics and the appropriate staff member. For more information about these services please contact the staff expert or our Director, Dr. Michael Goldberg (online or by phone 781-551-0999, x208.)

Topic Staff Expert(s)
Tourette Syndrome Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.
Asperger’s Syndrome Tim Martin, Ph.D.
Asperger’s Syndrome & Sleep Problems Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.
Insomnia & Sleep Problems Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.
Divorce Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.
Anxiety Disorders Michael Goldberg, Ph.D. &
Julia Berkman, Ph.D.
Neurodevelopment in the Teen Brain:
Emotional and Behavioral Growth
Non-Verbal Learning Disorders Tim Martin, Ph.D.
Kids on Medications:
What Schools Need to Know
Kids on Medications: Psychiatric Medications
Talking to Kids About Drug Use When they are Taking Psychiatric Medications
Emerging Alternatives to Medicating Kids:
The Role of Evidence Based Treatment
Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.
Executive Function Skills Tim Martin, Ph.D.
Child & Adolescent Sleep Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.
Coping with Illness & Disease Jeremy Devlin, Ph.D.
Chronic Pain Jeremy Devlin, Ph.D.
Childhood Bipolar Disorder Kirk Lum, M.D.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Kirk Lum, M.D. &
Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.

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