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Why You Should Combine Online and In-Person Therapy

The beginning of telehealth goes back to the invention of the telephone. As that technology spread, people started calling their doctors to get immediate medical advice. In the decades since, communication technology has improved in ways that those doctors could only have imagined, and telehealth has expanded alongside the technology.

Online therapy has been on the frontlines of the movement toward telehealth. Because therapy focuses on the mind more than physical symptoms, people can many of the same benefits through teletherapy as they would with in-person sessions. These online therapy sessions allow for unmatched convenience and accessibility. However, in-person therapy provides an unparalleled connection.

At CFP, we know that there are important benefits to both online and in-person therapy. That’s why we offer both. Patients choose which kind of visit they want each time they schedule an appointment. By choosing an online therapist with an in-person option, you can gain many benefits.

Choose a Therapist Backed by a Team

CFP is made of several clinical locations, each of which has both psychiatry and therapy providers. Our teams work closely together to ensure the health of all patients. If you think that you may need medication to complement the work you do in therapy, your therapist can quickly connect you to a psychiatrist or advanced nurse practitioner who they know you can trust. You then have a mental health care team that works together on your behalf.

Establish an Excellent Rapport

When you choose a therapist who offers both online and in-office visits, you get to have the best of both worlds. Some patients to attend the first few sessions at the office, which allows them to get to know their therapists better. This establishes a rapport and helps the patients open up, which is an important part of therapy. Then they can transfer to online appointments for more convenience when they feel comfortable doing so.

Schedule the Type of Appointment You Need

Even if you want to start with online therapy, you can benefit from having an in-office option. Some patients have almost entirely online therapy visits, but then decide to see their therapists in person when they need to have a particularly difficult conversation. Other patients prefer in-person therapy for most visits, but then use telehealth when they are on vacation or a work trip.

When you schedule an appointment with a therapist at CFP, you benefit from knowing that professional has a whole network of colleagues that you can rely on for additional help. Furthermore, you get to choose between the convenience of online therapy or the connection of in-person therapy every time you book an appointment.

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