Preschool and Infant Neuropsychological Testing

**Please note: Our neuropsychologists are available to provide consultations for current and former patients via telehealth (videoconferencing). We also continue to offer new appointments for assessment services. However, in an effort to protect our staff and patients all new consultations will be provided by telehealth (videoconferencing).  When appropriate we will seek prior authorizations from health plans for future in person testing and will collect rating scales, records, and other data electronically.  Once it is safe for in person testing, individuals who have had the initial consultation and have been pre-authorized by health plans will have in-person testing scheduled in the order of the completion of their initial consultation.

The Preschool and Infant Neuropsychological Testing (PINT) clinic at Child & Family Psychological Services, PLLC. offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for children under 6 years of age.

Who We Are

All of our clinicians understand the complexities of early brain and behavioral development when identifying children’s needs, working with families of young children, and determining the right treatment approach. Early identification and treatment by qualified professionals is crucial towards addressing developmental concerns and promoting optimal development for young children.

  • We are all doctoral level, licensed psychologists who have specialty training in working with young children.
  • We are advocates for young children in receiving necessary treatment and support services.
  • We provide collaborative care with pediatricians, medical specialists, teachers, and therapists.

Dr. Erica Kalkut

Lead clinician for the PINT clinic

Dr. Jennifer Hermes

PINT clinician

Dr. Alycia Roberts

PINT clinician

What We Do

We use reliable and valid assessments that are age appropriate and that provide comprehensive information on multiple developmental areas. Evaluations may involve the following:

  • Assessment of developmental level in areas of cognition, attention, socialization, motor ability, sensory processing, and early academic ability
  • Assessment of psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues
  • “Gold standard” assessments like the ADOS – 2.
  • Observation of the child in a daycare or school setting

We understand and can explain the impact of medical, neurological, and genetic risk factors on development.

It may be necessary to have a diagnosis to document need for treatment services or intervention. We conduct diagnostic evaluation specific to Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, anxiety, developmental delays, and other childhood neurodevelopmental conditions.

There are times when a “wait and see” approach may be appropriate towards allowing young children to develop or to “catch up” to their peers before they have an evaluation, but this approach also has the potential to miss areas that require or would benefit from intervention. We will work with you to determine what, if anything, may be needed to optimize your child’s development.

How to Get Started and What to Expect

Typically, an initial appointment involves a meeting with parents to learn more about child, discuss concerns, and provide recommendations for next steps. Subsequent appointments and services may include the following:

  • Play-like sessions with the young child to complete assessments
  • Observational sessions in office or at school/daycare
  • Written report with recommendations for medical and behavioral treatment plans
  • Assistance in setting up optimal treatment based on child’s individual needs
  • Coordination of care with other professionals working with child
  • Educational planning and guidance in navigating school systems and transitions
  • Monitoring of developmental progress and response to interventions

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