Young Childhood Services for Children Under Age Six

Child & Family Psychological Services, PLLC. \ Integrated Behavioral Associates offers consultation, comprehensive neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological evaluations, treatment/education planning, and treatment services for children under six years of age.

Why do young children need behavioral health services?

Many developmental conditions first become apparent during young childhood (i.e., before age six); however, for some children, developmental issues can go unidentified until later in childhood or into adolescence. There are times when a “wait and see” approach may be appropriate towards allowing young children to develop or to “catch up” to their peers, but this approach also has the potential to miss areas that require or would benefit from intervention. Research consistently shows that early identification and treatment is crucial towards addressing developmental concerns and promoting optimal development. In addition, it can be necessary to have a diagnosis to receive access for appropriate treatment. While the goal of young childhood services at LifeStance Health/IBA is not to find a problem or a diagnosis, our services aim to answer whether there is a developmental issue, whether there is a diagnosis that is appropriate based on a child’s presentation, and most importantly, how we can work together to optimize a child’s development.

What services does LifeStance Health/IBA offer for children under age six?

Young childhood services at LifeStance Health/IBA provide evidence based, comprehensive evaluation and treatment services from age one through age six years. We work together to optimize a child’s development by:

  • Answering whether there is a developmental issueIdentifying diagnoses that may be appropriate based on a child’s presentation
  • Determining appropriate treatment
  • Documenting need for treatment
  • Reviewing treatment progress
  • Coordinating care with treatment providers
  • Providing psychoeducation and developmental education to parents, caregivers, educators, etc.

PINT Clinic

Our group of doctoral level, licensed clinical psychologists provide consultation, assessment/evaluation, and educational services for children from age one through age six years. Assessment and evaluation services are provided by clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists who have advanced training in neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological testing through the Preschool and Infant Neuropsychological Testing (PINT) Clinic. Clinicians within the PINT clinic are also available to consult with educators, observe children in their educational setting, review education plans, and assist in educational planning.

Click here for more information about PINT.

Treatment and Support Services

Treatment services are provided by clinical psychologists, licensed social workers, and psychiatrists who have advanced training and experience in working with young children and their families. We offer a range of treatment services from behavioral therapy, parent-child relational therapy, play-based therapies, and social learning/social skills training. Treatment may be provided directly with a child, through both children and caregivers, or primarily through caregivers in either individual or group sessions. Medication is not a first line treatment approach; however, for some children with whom medication might be beneficial, our board certified psychiatrists may be able to provide psychopharmacological treatment options. The treatment approach that is right for a young child will be determined through a consultation appointment with a clinician with expertise in working with young children or through results obtained through a comprehensive evaluation within the PINT clinic.

Who should be seen through our young childhood clinic?

Children who have a history of the following, or when there are questions of the following:

  • Developmental delays in speech or language, motor, social, self-help, and/or adaptive skills
  • Medical and/or neurologic problems such as prematurity, birth complications, stroke, in utero exposure to substances, epilepsy, cancer, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, or infectious disease
  • Genetic disorder known or suspected
  • Failure to thrive and/or early neglect
  • School avoidance/refusal
  • Behavioral issues
  • Social problems
  • Attachment concerns

When there are the following diagnostic questions:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
  • Anxiety
  • Selective mutism
  • Mood disorders
  • Developmental delay (i.e., Global Developmental Delay, Communication Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder)

When there is a need for educational assistance:

  • Transition planning (e.g., Early Intervention services to preschool or preschool to Kindergarten)
  • Review of educational services
  • Questions of right education fit for a child
  • School refusal/avoidance
  • Terminated school attendance
  • Questions of giftedness

When a young child’s parent or caregiver might need support services for:

  • Attachment/bonding
  • Adapting or modifying a parenting style
  • Implementing behavioral strategies
  • Providing psychoeducation and developmental education

When assistance is needed with treatment planning to:

  • Determine appropriate treatment
  • Document need for treatment
  • Review treatment progress
  • Coordinate care with treatment providers

What are the anticipated costs?

Our providers accept a variety of insurance plans. Insurance benefits will be verified prior to an initial consultation appointment with a young child clinician and before additional services are rendered. While initial consultations are generally covered by health plans, additional costs can only be determined after completing an initial consultation and are based on the medical policy of the health plans, pre-authorization requirements, and the specific details of the case. Detailed cost information is provided before additional services are rendered.

How to set up services?

Determining the right service or even determining if services are needed for a young child can be hard and confusing. Our staff will do everything possible to connect you with the most appropriate clinician for your needs. To make this process more efficient we ask that you complete a brief intake form through our website.

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