The COVID-19 pandemic has caused extreme stress and uncertainty for many. Healthcare providers have unique
challenges that require special attention. Taking care of yourself sustains your ability to care for others.

Psychological resiliency is the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity. Research shows that certain ways of
thinking and behaving are associated with better adjustment to stress and adversity in the short and long run.
Resiliency, like a muscle, can be strengthened, but it requires intentional efforts. We encourage healthcare providers to commit to their own self-care and purposefully strengthening their own resiliency as soon as possible. As a healthcare provider you are excellent at caring for others, but resilient coping in a crisis is often beyond the abilities of even the strongest among us. Healthcare is a team endeavor –we bolster one another to persevere, and we need our own strength as well as the strength of our team when the task is as immense as COVID-19

Good resources available online to guide healthcare providers in self-care and resiliency include:

Seeking social support and timely high-quality information in critical, but may not be enough. Professional behavioral health treatment may help you develop skills with which to cope more effectively with the multitude of stresses and challenges you may be facing. Please do not wait if you are struggling. Research indicates that early intervention
promotes best long-term outcomes.

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