If you need to request a medication refill, please contact the office staff directly during business hours, typically between 9 A.M. until 5 P.M. You can locate your local reception phone number here:

All prescriptions are written in appointments, and the staff members will ensure you have an upcoming scheduled appointment, check what prescriptions are on file, and will be happy to assist you directly with coordinating refills with providers.
• If you are not sure if you have a refill available and saw your provider recently, please check with your pharmacy first by speaking to a pharmacy staff member. Please do not solely rely on the automatic text or phone call reminders from your pharmacy.
• If you are prescribed any controlled prescriptions and do not have monthly appointments, your prescriber may have added medications in with “Do Not Fill” before dates. These prescriptions are discussed with you in your appointment and then sent into the pharmacy. Your prescriber is able to pre-date TWO additional prescriptions for a THREE-month supply of a stimulant medication. Your first prescription will not show refills, and you will need to call the pharmacy and indicate you have a prescription with a “Do Not Fill” prescription to pick up for that month, and they will be able to see it in another system that is separate from refills. If you have trouble filling your second or third stimulant prescription, you may need to call and speak with the pharmacist at your pharmacy.
• As a reminder, if you have already picked up a medication previously and need to transfer a non-controlled prescription to a different pharmacy, you may do this by contacting your pharmacy directly.
• If you or your child are under the age of 19 (patient is 18 & under). Please call the office to ensure we have updated information.

You may also send a message to the administrative team or your provider, or request refills, through your patient portal. Please be aware that you may not adjust pharmacies through the patient portal, and you will instead need to call or send a message. Portal messages are not checked over the weekends or off hours and you have an emergency, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.
The patient portal link can be found here: